Arfat Ali Junejo
3 min readAug 18, 2020



I have seen entrepreneurs and employers with one hand on the broadening network and another on part times. They confess: We spend hours at work and approach verdicts that are more benefit-yielding to build houses more luxurious than their neighbors and save some deferred consumption.

But what I yielded from the conversation not confessed so far is that their career is more important than no matter what or how it affects their family or spouse. They have high flying offices but a sole body at the top and abandoned houses.

Many people prioritize career over family, but what if there is no family! Would one think of having a roof and food? Feeding one’s ego all their lives and taking with them the accomplishments.

Not even the man, but a woman who has to be there at times when her infant creeping into the living room and at the kitchen door, weeping to still their hunger ends up frustrated. A girl, who looks for her mom to pamper her well about things she could hardly share with her father, counts the tik toks of the clock.

Not thinking of maternity leaves, which a mom thinks will affect her reputation at the organization, she hands over her newly born infant to a midwife despite thinking that the cry baby needs a lap to have maternal warmth.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” (Albert Einstein)

Those striving all their lives for their careers leaving back their families have greedy-hearts and a selfish goal. Their careers will set forth goals and achievements that will be taken along with them all way alone, but values will always show paths that will take them to the mainstream.

Being successful means a lot, no doubt, for a father to run a family, for a mother to feed her children, for a son to shelter his father in a wheelchair, but avaricious business-minded or employer will always leave a foreseeing family behind.

“It’s been challenging,” Honaker says. But even more devastating for those having enough income and still looking for part times to groom more. Career psychologists have always been seen to put overwhelming importance on work-family balance. One, if lost his job or business, loses every accomplishment along with that, the only thing that is always seen besides as a main supportive source is one’s family. Life is like a vehicle, it moves on, jobs and careers keep on changing, preferences are seen to be molding, but family is always moving forward with one being.

Working bodies are always appreciated, no matter what their family care costs more than their salaries. It’s not about quitting careers and sitting with no jobs at home. It is about making the right choices at the right time, lest choosing career over family yields them emptiness. When they find the love and affection of their lives and families, they end up regretting where they invested precious time, which was meant to be spent with their kids rolling over carpet, loneliness-victims parents, and most important their wives.

It is about making the right choices at the right time.

What you do not get done today can be done tomorrow, But a memory, if not created with family today, is gone forever”.