The Mindset & Motivation Strategy that will instantly change your life

Arfat Ali Junejo
3 min readJul 8, 2020


You are either living a positive or negative lifestyle based on the state of your mind

Transformation of Mind

If you were amazed at the power of your thoughts, wait till you understand the endless possibilities of your mind! You will realize that your mind has the capacity to receive information and it is the seat of your thoughts, feelings, belief, attitude, and imagination.

Your mind is also like a magnetic force field that attracts what it consistently dwells upon. If you want to live a transformed life, the change begins from your mind. Irrespective of your age bracket, if you’ve formed the negative idea that you’re ugly and dull, you’ll observe that when others tell you you’re beautiful and smart, there’s still this struggle within you to accept it. Why is that so? It is because that thought has created a firmly rooted negative image in your mind about yourself, and now it is difficult to accept something different. So, the next time you think you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, weak, etc. remember to catch yourself and begin a new process by affirming your belief in yourself.

Thoughts are pictures of the mind, and they have the destructive and constructive ability. Your thoughts control your attitude, your attitude controls your behavior, and your behavior affects your lifestyle, you see why it is so important to guard the thoughts that you allow into your mind. You are either living a positive or negative lifestyle based on the state of your mind.

The Building Blocks of Self Confidence.

Now that we have discussed the need for daily renewal of your mind, let us take a step further and identify likely sources of information and how it can impact your self-confidence.

Information comes to you from everywhere- The media, schools, friends, family, books, etc. and the fact that you can identify the source of information also means you can manage them. If you have friends who constantly talk you down, decide that you will spend less time around them and lookout for new friends who will speak words that will help you stay confident. If you have people around you who constantly bully you or make you panic, you will also have to find an alternative to that association or stay away from it completely where possible. Likewise, if your friends always invite you over the weekend to watch movies, do not be afraid to say “No” to horror movies or programs that contain a lot of vulgar communication. Excuse yourself politely by saying something like “Oh I added a new activity to my schedule, but I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.”

In your daily conversation, avoid using words like “I can’t”, “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember” etc. Instead, try words like “How can I…,” “I will see what can be done,” “I will remember,” etc. At first, you may find yourself using those negative words unconsciously but for as many times as you remember, correct yourself on the spot. That way, your mind will be registering a new pattern of communication which will in turn improve your confidence.

Learning to Be Ok with Sacrificing

Every change that we desire to see takes commitment, consistency, and sacrifice. It is often said that it is easier to destroy a house than it is to build one. From the moment you decide to transform your mind, some people may think you are crazy and too positive-minded, but that’s part of the journey to a transformed mindset and lifestyle. You may also need to swap the novels for richer and more inspiring books, you may find yourself listening to motivational audios that tell you “You Can” and remind you of your strength.

With all these and more in place, you will not only discover a change in your mindset and vocabulary, but you will also find yourself living a happier, positive, transformed, and confident life, which is what you deserve.