Arfat Ali Junejo
2 min readAug 28, 2020



Ali Zafar’s critics talking of hot potato all around did nothing to his passion. One of the legendary rock singers of Pakistan threw a shadow at the eminent fellow Ali Zafar and calling him a rival singer by turning embarrassment of the mismanaged event into blame and bringing Ali Zafar in and so holding him responsible for some bloggers who criticized their PSL V anthem.

Ali Zafar always took criticism as a trigger to success

Ali Zafar’s calm reply on Twitter:

Sometimes hitting the right ball at the right time rescues the game. Ali Zafar, instead of adding insult to injury, replied in a sarcastic and calm way. He tweeted on his account a video showing that he was not even mad at what was said. Everyone’s favorite Bhai stated anyone, dwelling anywhere around the globe can hold him responsible for anything bad happen to them, he will manage.

Ali Zafar took a great step afterward, as Drastic times call for drastic measures.

How to turn negativity into positive energy koi Bhai se sekhay

So, Ali Zafar not even persisted in his passion but also released his own version of the anthem. After everyone’s frustrations, Ali Zafar jumped and rescued the crowd with “Mela Loot Liya”. Not just the fans rocked but they also got involved by sending dance videos for participation. The song prepared within a time frame of a week got 2 million views within a few hours of its release.

Ali Zafar always took criticism as a trigger to success:

All through his life, Ali Zafar always took critics’ negative comments as motivating and triggering elements for him that not even let him become a prominent singer throughout the world but also won millions of his fans’ hearts.

Ali Zafar’s success story circles around his calm nature for all his critics. He always turns out as more appreciating by his fans whenever he is criticized by taking a jibe at his critics. He is always known as the prince of pop by his fans. It becomes more dominant by seeing how he turned out as a celebrated singer from a sketch artist.

Ali Zafar, who has remained a legendary icon for a long time because of garnered number of fans, who were also seen beating the drum in the release of anthem video was personally thanked by Ali Zafar for their support and love.