Land Dispute Injustice in Karachi: Widow Appeals for Chief Secretary and Chief Minister’s Intervention

Arfat Ali Junejo
3 min readJul 12


Tehmina Begum, a widow in Karachi, seeks urgent intervention in her prolonged land dispute case. Facing fraudulent entries and non-compliance, she requests Chief Secretary Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh to intervene for a fair resolution. Learn about her plea for justice and the need for swift action.

Government of Sindh must intervene and provide swift justice

[KARACHI, SINDH] — Tehmina Begum, a widow residing in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, has raised her voice against prolonged delays and a lack of response in her land dispute case. Faced with fraudulent entries and non-compliance from government offices, she urgently requests the intervention of Chief Secretary Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh to ensure a fair and just resolution.

The land dispute revolves around a 4-acre plot, identified as NC number 362, located in Deh Joreji, Bin Qasim Town, District Malir. Tehmina’s late husband had purchased this land in 1987 for poultry farming. However, following his untimely demise in 2004, fraudulent entries were made without due process, jeopardizing their rightful ownership.

Tehmina, along with her sons, Arfat Ali Junejo and Sifat Ali Junejo, embarked on a decade-long struggle to rectify the situation and reclaim their land. However, their efforts were met with repeated visits to various government offices, encountering non-compliance and negligence that impeded the resolution of their case.

In the revenue court under the jurisdiction of Deputy Commissioner Bin Qasim, District Malir, Karachi, hearings were conducted by ADC-1 Mr. Zain-ul-Abideen Mirani instead of the Deputy Commissioner himself. Unfortunately, Mr. Mirani failed to address their concerns regarding the fraudulent entries and instead focused on lease expiry, which became impossible due to the fraudulent activities within the government offices involved.

Compounding their distress, the Commissioner Karachi’s office, where they appealed against Mr. Mirani’s order, displayed a lack of responsiveness. With only three hearings held over a span of one and a half years, the progress of their case was significantly hindered, intensifying their sense of injustice.

In light of these challenges, Tehmina Begum urgently calls upon Chief Secretary Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh to intervene in her case. She implores them to prioritize her plea for justice and expedite the proceedings. Tehmina firmly believes that with the intervention of these esteemed officials, the rightful ownership of the land will be restored, and the fraudulent entries rectified.

To reinforce the importance of justice and expedite the resolution, Tehmina specifically requests that Chief Secretary Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh intervene in her case. She believes their attention will amplify the urgency of the matter and bring about a swift and fair resolution.

Amidst this challenging ordeal, Tehmina Begum and her family remain resilient, placing their trust in the institutions of Sindh, Pakistan. They seek a positive outcome that upholds the principles of justice and fairness.

The world’s attention turns to Sindh as Tehmina’s plea for intervention echoes, underscoring the necessity for swift action and a resolution that serves as a beacon of justice in land disputes.

Tehmina Begum W/O Altaf Hussain Junejo (Late), A-2714, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Phase 2, Bin Qasim.



Arfat Ali Junejo