Arfat Ali Junejo
5 min readOct 1, 2020


Growth Mindset -The Secret Sauce for Entrepreneurs

A human-machine if does not follow a proper diet, not merely loses a good figure but also its esteem. Similarly, a human mind needs a proper diet… diet that is essential for a working human’s processing unit, a growth mindset.

For the purpose of artifice success, entrepreneurs must develop a growth mindset. It is the kind of set of minds which takes the brain and aptitude as the starters, it is their internal abilities and hardships that takes to fruitful consequences.

A growth Mindset is not what makes craving for approval rather an eager desire for learning.

If an entrepreneur is not restrained from taking an initiative, suppressing goals will not make sense. What makes an entrepreneur suffer over and over again when there are so many alternative opportunities to be availed? If dressed in a fixed mindset, one can never see what fruits are awaiting ahead of the future doors. Those having a fixed mindset typically rely on deficiencies and declare obstacles to be the reason for giving up.

But everything is hindered in its way to the end. The same is the case with those moving towards success, especially entrepreneurs. There are a lot of causes why entrepreneurs do not follow the growth mindset and above all is procrastination.

Procrastination as a cause:

One of the obstacles leading to a failing body and hence an inability to embrace a growth mindset is the way one puts something off until later. This delaying of workload and setting for goals is a key cause of a fixed mindset and thus not being able to overcome risks in a business.

Work through problems leads to.

Whenever entire companies fail to accomplish something, they do not give up on that but take another alternative. Companies embracing growth mindsets take risks as they believe,


Entrepreneurs do not think of falling apart rather take initiative involving more risks.

They do not think of falling apart rather take initiative involving more risks. Their employees always receive more organizational support for cooperation and innovation. In short, a growth mindset can be heard and seen as a buzzword in many organizations. With learning comes progress and with progress comes risks and challenges. No material frame is seen to progress without facing perils and so is believed for entrepreneurship. Hence considering the errors they initially caused, gathering the milestones they have been stumbled over, and putting it in use of the entire solution process is an entrepreneurial rule.

Growth Mindset techniques helpful though not followed completely:

Documenting talent rather than developing abilities, just because thinking ‘I am who I am born with’. ‘I can utilize the talent I am naturally gifted with’ ‘I cannot work beyond my limits of capabilities’ is the cause of not having a growth mindset but a fixed one. And then switching one’s processing unit to the disabled mode for pushing their limits of talents and abilities. This is because they believe if they are born with a fixed mindset, they can never alter it but surprisingly Research and experimentation conducted on brain plasticity suggested the way experiences change the connectivity between neurons. And ultimately it can change one’s mindset.


In entrepreneurship, one takes a ride of ups and downs, lows, and highs. If as an entrepreneur you are worried about the speedy ride, you must rethink either this journey is for you or not! For an entrepreneur, if one cannot grow, he is indeed dying. There will occur many speed breakers, but they will only remind of upcoming destiny.


Business is full of issues; a successful body is the one transforming those issues into enduring challenges. Psychology says we do not have control over circumstances but can control the way we respond. When it comes to the entrepreneurial field, optimistic behavior is the key element to success. Taking issues as possibilities and using those possibilities for solving problems will lead to successful destiny. Challenges if followed by a proper guide, will act as signboards all the way to goals. Thus, problems must be viewed as possibilities and so issues are transformed into challenges. Lest we may say.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Being too timid about one’s abilities and doing nothing all their lives. Just relying on what they think they are capable of, are in a sense stilling their hunger for approval. They are not the daring ones but just formality fulfillers. Such people are never welcomed by the utmost success but just temporary desires.

In order to help a businessperson, yield more fruitful outcomes, Resilience aids a lot. Because Resilience is the key ingredient of cultivating a growth mindset. Complications are indeed a part of conglomeration. There come a lot more bumps along the way, but attainment is achieved only if you pass over in those terrains. Thus, it will not be wrong saying that the Bouncing back ability of entrepreneurs yields them business on the edge.

Say welcome to failures, furlough later:

If a working body in an organization or at home is not failing enough, he is doing himself a bad turn. Not just this but minimizing your success chances. People with a growth mindset do not love failures rather embrace it because it is proof that you are in a trial mode. The accomplishments that are most epic are achieved through failures. Once you welcome failure with warmth, learn, and relearn from it, you can later furlough it with your success.

A secret sauce for entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurs always have a craving for success. It is a growth mindset that is always served to them complimentarily as a secret sauce.

Entrepreneurs always have a craving for success. It is a growth mindset that is always served to them complimentarily as a secret sauce. But what eventually a sip of this sauce leads them to is more fascinating. It has become a philosophy that is held mandatory for many businesses. Research also suggests that the most appealing workplaces which foster problem solving and highlighting challenges and engenders innovation.

Some words to find positivity:

He holds that a growth mindset is not about never-ceasing positivity but about finding possibilities in challenges. On must not remove the challenging situations from the scratch but should look for opportunities in it by digging deeper.

“If you want it beat up, take a risk. Don’t be a safe player all the time, or you will end up wondering”