Arfat Ali Junejo
3 min readAug 23, 2020



Iqra University is one of the top universities of Pakistan, providing opportunities for those seeking quality education and practical involvement.

Iqra University is one of the top universities of Pakistan, providing opportunities for those seeking quality education and practical involvement. IU is well known for its ranking as the best private sector university located in Karachi, Sindh with multiple campuses. Not only centralized to Sindh, but it has established campuses in Islamabad too, in order to continue the chain of practical education throughout the country but having said that does it really fulfills the criteria of modern-day education norms?

The Faculty and Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this modern digital age, a capable faculty and commitment are regarded as the seats of the vitality of an educational institute. Faculty of IU includes entrepreneurs and those serving as heads in many of the national and multinational organizations bringing in all the success stories on campus. As we step towards the future, numerous doors of opportunities open to us. Doors we can only walk through if furnished with quality education, risk-taking capability with the constant thirst for creativity and Innovation. And without any doubt, IU provides that quality to students to quench it. IU promotes Industry-current technology so that skills thus taught can be applied to real-world problems. IU is offering to its students, Young Entrepreneurship Showcases.

Thus, it aims at supporting youth in magnifying incompatible business ideas and the submission of their business plans. IU focuses mainly on recognizing new abilities among students that were previously not monitored, thus leading to entrepreneurial alertness, improving their entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and add value to Pakistan’s economy in the long run.

The Information Technology Factor and the 2020 Digital World:

Not only aimed at teaching in-depth of both software and hardware, but IU also aids in providing the opportunity to hand-on training programs. It makes sure students are not lacking in anything, with the provision of the finest computer technology that is upgraded on a regular basis. Students are facilitated with a master’s degree in MBIT, which is a combination of business and Information Technology to keep up the pace with fast-changing technology and ways of doing business.

Who would have thought that by 2020 any University in Pakistan would teach in-depth digital marketing and make it a core course? Knowledge about digital sales funnels, landing pages, social media ads campaigns, e-commerce as well as social e-commerce and much more has made its existing students’ owners of diverse SMEs by this young age.

What is in the bag for the future?

The future plans of Iqra University include completely computerized and direct aim-lined research centers, connected with leading libraries of the world. Thus, the rapidly increasing demand for industrialization will be kept under systematic reviews. Taking into consideration the augment of the textile industry worldwide, IU is aimed at equipping its students to practically utilize their skills in promoting the textile industry. “Since fashion has a universal appeal”, fashion designing skills of students are groomed by providing them with the technological equipment and parameters. They are given a free hand to enjoy individual workstations with built-in computers and internet facility.

Iqra University -The Giant in Making

As education revolves around degrees, IU does not rely on a batch-system. One has to complete the courses being taught in order to get a degree. It shares very close ties with leading industries. IU currently has its ranking in having the highest number of organizations, visiting its campuses for recruiting purposes before graduation. The best of all, IU never called itself an institution but a workshop that focuses on transforming students into streetwise professionals and entrepreneurs.

IU makes sure students are not lacking in anything.