07 Things Beautiful People Don’t Do

Arfat Ali Junejo
3 min readNov 10, 2020


Because it takes planning and perseverance to be successful, beautiful people always follow the rule

1. Beautiful people do not embrace perfection:

While others seek perfection, beautiful people do not look for it. They clasp imperfections in the arms. They love to live with benign irregularities of the skin. They are never ashamed of little extra fat around their waist. Instead of masking their natural beauty, putting on some extra blushes, or choosing to enter office with a new-collar tie, beautiful people like to live with messy hair rather the long flowing hair-strands. When it comes to perfectionism, beautiful people and perhaps the beautiful lads opt to move out with frizzy hair, not putting too much gel on. Because they see, real beauty is natural beauty.

2. Beautiful people do not stalk others:

Because stalking is done out of love or jealousy, beautiful people are at low risk. Every second person stalks others any day now. But the case for beautiful ones is different. Things that come as critical blow lead others to stalk, in fact being rejected or obsessed is the main leading cause. Beautiful people are not obsessed and do not dramatically face rejections. They are always overwhelmed at each step. Nothing makes them so convinced to stalk, either an ex-relationship or a business status.

3. Beautiful people do not necessarily starve:

Eating is normal but to starve yourself is not. Beautiful people do not really starve, they do not run out of food but are pretty much satisfied in their lives that there comes no need to starve. Beautiful people are beautiful naturally, they need no diet plans to follow. They are, though glad about their lifestyles, physical appearance, and natural-given beauty. Joining gyms, eating rocket- leaves, experiencing a set of crunches are genuinely for fun.

4. Beautiful people do not let others define their worth:

Let others not fix the bounds of your worth…. This is the true rule of beautiful people’s survival. They do not solicit any other define the status they are dwelling with or demonstrate their self-worth to them. Beautiful people do not let other opinions become their reality. Because they believe others cannot see your true worth. Because your worth is not defined by the words of others,

They do not typically rely on anyone for building their own self, their self-esteem. They simply take a mirror with themselves all the way doing struggles, with the mirror being a guide, holding a reflection of them.

5. Beautiful people do not gossip:

Some researchers proved that gossip let our ancestors survive. But beautiful people do not get into this source of survival. Is it that negative?

“It’s not necessarily negative,” as the words of David Ludden say it is either positive or neutral rather not always negative. People often gossip discussing things they like or dislike or sometimes sharing experiences with those they spare time with. But beautiful people are seen as fewer discussing others. Instead, they like to discuss things that are in a sense or so advantageous. They do not waste time discussing pity matters.

6. Beautiful people are not envious of others:

Beautiful people do not want to destroy things others have. They do not usually feel jealous of what others have because they themselves are gifted with real beauty. They focus more on the goodness of their lives; they truly know the ways to overcome being poisoned. When one tried to compare himself with others, he feels envious. But beautiful people do not tend to compare themselves with others.

7. Beautiful people do not reject diligence:

Instead of giving up on whatever they usually pursue, beautiful ones accept perseverance. They are believers in the fact that good things always take time to occur. They are not fearful to rock the boat, they dare anyway and continue to persevere at all costs waiting for the good deeds to happen.

Because it takes planning and perseverance to be successful, beautiful people always follow the rule.